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Our Vision: Welcome

We love our vines and show them some tender loving care to ensure they provide the best quality grapes to guarantee the best quality wine. Coorinja Winery operates using a natural approach to vineyard management applying only mineral fertilisers and soil microbes and excludes the use of harmful chemicals. 

Many of the vineyards at Coorinja Winery are unirrigated however one of the vineyards consisting of Chenin Blanc and Shiraz, situated on Toodyay Road are irrigated using water from "Seven Springs" found on our property and filtered through a reverse osmosis process. 

Coorinja's name we always thought was an Aboriginal word believed to mean "place of the seven springs", the springs at Coorinja Winery surround the cellar and lead to the old Ringa bridge, just a short 5 minute walk down the bush tracks. However after doing much research into the history of the winery we now know that Coorinja is not an Aboriginal word, but most likely English in origin. Seven Springs was the original name for the land lot that the winery stands on today. 



This is where it all starts. _I love vintage! The excitement and possibilities of what our


We are concentrating on production of red table wines, fortified styles & liquors.

In the future we plan on releasing a limited amount of our oldest Tawny's, Muscats, Vintage Ports & Liquors.




Below is a photo of the 100 plus years old barrels in our old cellar building. These barrels are used to age port and you get to enjoy the lovely aroma they produce in the cellar building when you come in for a tasting.  

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