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1919 - 2019

In 2019 the Wood family made it to the special milestone of 100 years of owning and working Coorinja. To mark the occasion we have to published a history of the area and the winery, from the original issue of  title for Lot 345 to James Poole in 1862, through to today, the book is available for purchase from the Cellar door. 

The area has been referred to in the past as St John’s Well, Seven Springs and Cooringa with a G – then Coorinja as we know it today.

The original three story section of the cellars we have not been able to establish who built it or when? The two-story section was constructed in 1892.

Celebrating Our Centenary: Text
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To celebrate we hosted an Open Day at Coorinja on Sunday 25th August 2019. The day was huge and we were overwhelmed with the support we received. Our guests enjoyed walking down memory lane as they toured through our historic cellar with all our history on display and hundreds of people enjoyed tasting our wines and our Special Release Celebrating Our Centenary Port which is still selling like crazy. We would love to thank everyone who has had any association with Coorinja in the past 100 years, from all our amazing employees to customers none of our history would have been possible without you! 

As we are still searching for when the original building was built and by whom, we would greatly appreciate any information, recollections or stories regarding Coorinja you may have, we love hearing other peoples stories. 

Many Thanks

The Wood Family

Celebrating Our Centenary: Text
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