Established 1870's

Coorinja Winery

Wine tasting and tours located in Toodyay, in the Avon Valley.

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Open- Friday, Saturday & Monday 10am - 5pm

5914 Toodyay Road, Toodyay WA

Bookings for alternative days are available by appointment only, please phone Gemma or email us if you would like to make a booking or for any other enquires. 

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Coorinja table wines

Red - Shiraz 2014


          Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

          Cabernet Shiraz 2017

          Shiraz 2017

White - Harper Brook White

Coorinja Winery

Coorinja dessert wines

Liqueur Muscat         Muscat

Sherries                     Ginger Wine


Dark Room Port.       Liqueur Shiraz

White Port.                Toodyay Fortified Shiraz

Fine Old Tawny        Rich Red

Tawny                       Centenary Port

Coorinja Winery was established in the 1870’s making it one of the oldest wineries in the state. The winery is a 5 minutes drive from the historic town of Toodyay and is roughly an hours scenic drive from Perth.


The Wood family have been growing grapes in the Toodyay hills, and making Coorinja’s renowned wines and ports since 1919, passing down over 100 years of traditional wine making expertise through five generations of Wood family winemakers. Traditionally the winery has made and perfected the art of fortified wines with many different varieties available. Most of our fortifies are aged in the original 440 and 770 gallon casks that were purchased with the winery in 1919, it is the delicious aroma of these ageing ports that you are greeted with as you enter the old cellar building.

During the summer months, when the grapes are sweet and ripe Michael and his daughter Gemma, along with a small group of locals hand pick the grapes. Once picked and put into wooden bins, in the cool of the evening the grapes are crushed. Following this process the grapes are fermented and then pressed using a wooden basket press, the same family tradition that has been used for over five generations. Wherever possible Coorinja Winery uses gravity to gently transfer wine. 

In recent years winemaker Michael Wood has also been producing small batch, quality red wines. Our growing conditions produce exciting and complex reds that result in a flavour driven and palatable wine that you know will be enjoyable from the moment you open the bottle. Michael has also been producing preservative free red wine with great success, with our first batch of PF Shiraz proving to be extremely popular and creating a demand that we are excited to be a part of, so we are happy to announce that we will have more available in the near future.


A short walk or drive up from the old winery is the historic Ringa Bridge. This grand old structure spans Harper Brook and is a wonderful location to bring the family for a picnic and to explore the rocky banks of the brook. The bridge is only accessible from the winery so feel free to contact us if you are interested in checking it out. 


We look forward to seeing you at Coorinja Winery soon!

"A fortified haven"

- Michael Zekulich, wine writer WA


The Vineyard at Coorinja Winery.  

We love our vines and show them some tender loving care to ensure they provide the best quality grapes to guarantee the best quality wine. Coorinja Winery operates using a natural approach to vineyard management applying only mineral fertilisers and soil microbes and excludes the use of harmful chemicals. 

Many of the vineyards at Coorinja Winery are unirrigated however one of the vineyards consisting of Chenin Blanc and Shiraz, situated on Toodyay Road are irrigated using water from "Seven Springs" found on our property and filtered through a reverse osmosis process. 

Coorinja's name we always thought was an Aboriginal word believed to mean "place of the seven springs", the springs at Coorinja Winery surround the cellar and lead to the old Ringa bridge, just a short 5 minute walk down the bush tracks. However after doing much research into the history of the winery we now know that Coorinja is not an Aboriginal word, but most likely English in origin. Seven Springs was the original name for the land lot that the winery stands on today. 


Our Cellar  


We are concentrating on production of red table wines, fortified styles & liquors.

In the future we plan on releasing a limited amount of our oldest Tawny's, Muscats, Vintage Ports & Liquors.







Winemaker and owner Michael Wood in amongst the vines.